all i want in life is an endless flow of alcohol and baras


summer dance party


summer dance party


Let’s just take a moment and…

"You’ve got to press it on you, you just think it, that’s what you do, baby~"

big sister concept art


hong kong / september 2014fb


hong kong / september 2014

.theme change for the spooky season B)

Mary Lambert // Secrets

i can’t believe this video hasn’t exploded yet!

my aesthetic:  left wing nutjob liberal hippie bleeding-heart trash

transphobia has always been an underlying factor in feminism.  this resurfacing wave of hating on trans men isn’t cute or edgy, it’s just reinstating age old conservative values back into the feminist movement. 


there’s a super cool leading ladies bundle over on humble bundle that features 7 games with, you guessed it, leading ladies!!!

you can choose how much you pay (although you have to pay at least $1 to redeem a steam key) and you can play the games on all kinds of systems (not like, game console systems, but windows, mac, etc)!

you can also choose how your payment gets distributed between the developers, the Girls Make Games project, and the humble bundle site!