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A selection of prints that celebrate the astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson as an unsung hero. Includes a bespoke typeface based on star formation, and selected quotes from his interview with Times Magazine, where he responds to the question “What is the most astounding fact about the universe?”

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big sister concept art

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magazine series [x] // “…the BBC will feature an upcoming documentary about London’s own Sherlock Holmes, and his companion John Watson.”

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Artwork by Rhys Cooper from Melbourne, Australia for the Legend of the Yokai gallery.

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criminal minds high school au //

garcia has pretty severe agoraphobia and has trouble leaving the house.  she asks derek to carry around an open-streaming two-way video camera to class so she can take notes and participate.   derek proceeds to bring the camera to every social event and function he can so she never has to feel left out.

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Spriggan Matron

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jack renders by ~andersoncathy

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nobody cares that you're broken, cas.

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The two of you have forged an excellent partnership.

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this morning my pup woke me up w/ a bunch of face kisses, before pulling away and immediately starting to chew on something that she was holdin in her mouth—  so I was like,  ”what’re you chewin’ on, babygirl?”  and then she dropped  it on my chest.  it was shit.  she was chewing on shit.   

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