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Bilbo discovering the existence of her tail

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A quick doodle to try for more fun and odd things, done for mistuhsunny who wanted a gecko with a suit. I don’t know much about geckos so I apologise in advance if this is a different type of lizard (it came up as a gecko with a google image search when looking for reference).

ayyyy, my old hetalia buddies need to hmu on skype.  i miss yall.

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Are you planning on stopping your shitty SJ posts anytime soon?

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im tipsy, single and ready to mingle.


people who unironically use multiple exclamation points in texts are the cutest fucking thing omfg.   even mundane things are made cuter like “just got on the bus!!!! will be home soon!!!”   like yeAH UR ON THE BUS U BIG CUTIE.  I WILL SEE U AT HOME.  LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE STREET.   


Painting by Elisabeth Sonrel (1874 - 1953)

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does anybody else have friend-in-laws?  where they’re not your friend, but they’re your buddy’s friend so you just sort of have to put up with them?

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i’m going to say this again because it doesn’t seem to be getting through people’s head:

  1. it’s none of your fucking  business what genitalia somebody has
  2. you are not entitlied to know what’s under someone’s clothing
  3. what the fuck is wrong with you people ????? ?? ???
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