pmmcest submitted: this just in: alfred has an undercut now bc undercuts r hot


does anyone want to be my virtual sugardaddy and buy me things online for literally nothing in return???

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my partner tried to call me a sweetheart the other day but he misspelled it and I read it as “sweetbeard” and then I decided that this is what dwarf couples call each other

so, naturally, here are two dwarves on a date

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don’t lie we all have a fictional character we ship ourselves with

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nobody puts dandy in a corner…………….

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For anyone asking about who has been answering questions on Tumblr: Yes, it’s really me.


Nagisa and his space friends (´ヮ` )

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today I met the most chilled out little bug

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mistuhsunny turned 1 today!


hello!!!! i just got my tablet back and am still trying to get used to it again so reblog this with a character and ill draw it for practice!! itll look kinda like this:image

thank you!

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please stop making comics about the stereotypical jock boy beating up the stereotypical nerd boy and somehow incorporating love. do not write them under posts about physical indicators of soulmates (glowing chests, names on wrists) and better yet, don’t reblog that shit when you see it!

stop living in this weird fantasy world where anyone’s secretly meant to be with their abuser forever. I can’t believe this is a text post I need to make